Algeria Presidential Elections 2019: Call to plug legal loopholes in election organization through dialogue


ALGIERS- Chairman of the High Independent Authority for Election Monitoring (HIISE) Abdelwahab Derbal called on Wednesday in Algiers, to plug the legal loopholes noticed while organizing the previous elections through dialogue between all parties concerned by the electoral process.

In a speech on the sidelines of the work of this body, organized at the hotel El Aurassi, Mr. Derbal has pinpointed that the role of this body is to monitor elections as well as guarenting transparency and the smooth running of the electoral process.

He noted, in this regard, the need to “adapt to new developments on the political scene”, starting from the vital importance of these meetings in the life of the Nation.

HISE is a body instituted in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution, reviewed in 2016 and endowed with broad prerogatives to ensure the conduct of the elections in transparency, integrity and neutrality.

The missions, composition, organization and running of the High authority, which enjoys the financial and managerial autonomy, were determined in the organic law of 25 August 2016.

The High Authority is made up of a president and 410 members, appointed by President of the Republic at parity, the magistrate proposed by the High Judiciary Council and independent experts, chosen from among the civil society.

This body’ president, a national personality, is appointed by President of the Republic, after consultations of political parties.





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