Algeria for UN reform to strengthen UN General Assembly role


– Foreign Minister Abdelkader Messahel, on an official visit to Denmark, held talks, on Thursday, with UN System officials in the country, who represent eleven UN specialized agencies.

The discussions focused on relations between Algeria and the United Nations that date back to the period of the struggle for national liberation that inspired the adoption of United Nations Resolution 1514 on the granting of independence to countries and to colonial peoples.

Cooperation between Algeria and the United Nations was also discussed. Representatives of the UN system expressed appreciation for Algeria’s “commitment” and “active role” in the UN system. In this regard, they cited, for example, the “successful co-facilitation” by Algeria and Denmark of the adoption of the “important” UN resolution on the reform of the development finance system.

In this context, Mr. Messahel stressed “Algeria’s deep belief in a fairer, more balanced and more democratic international system, where the United Nations is called to play a key role, so that there is more developing countries and collective management of global challenges “.

Based on this conviction, the minister added, Algeria is for a “reform of the United Nations that is able to strengthen the role of the UN General Assembly. ”

Mr. Messahel also underlined the “commitment” of Algeria within the framework of the United Nations, as evidenced by “the achievement before the end of almost all the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the efforts to meet all the commitments made by Algeria within the framework of the United Nations, for which it has always been a credible and loyal partner “.

The minister drew up, in addition, a table of all the reforms carried out in Algeria, under the supervision of the President of the Republic, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, and “which allowed Algeria to be, today, classified among the most successful countries in various fields, including human development, good governance, the promotion of the rule of law and democratic roots “.

Mr. Messahel, on the other hand, gave a presentation on the Algerian experience in the fight against terrorism and de-radicalization and “the commitment of Algeria to continue its efforts to share more this successful experience”.

He added that Algeria “went further in this reconciling approach” by being at the origin of the adoption by the General Assembly of the United Nations of a resolution which makes May 16 of each year, the International Day of Living Together in Peace, “a concept that President Abdelaziz Bouteflika developed in his historic 2005 address to UNESCO on the dialogue of civilizations”.







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