Establishment of Tamazight Academy; towards promoting language in all its varieties


The effective establishment of the Algerian Academy of the Tamazight Language with the appointment of its president and its members constitutes a new asset for the promotion of the development of the Tamazight Language in all its varieties.


 This Academy has been created following a long process of the officialization of this language, promoted to national and official language under the Constitution de 2016.

Since the creation of the High Commission for Amazighity (HCA), on 27 May 1995, the teaching of the Tamazight Language experienced undeniable progress, which resulted in the creation of the Academy for the promotion and the development of this Language.

The creation of the Academy also remains an asset for Tamazight. Its teaching is provided in many provinces, to safeguard Tamazight as a language, culture and a heritage through scientific processes likely to encourage its use in the scientific, literary and media fields in order to be spoken by all Algerians.

In the 2017-2018 school year, Tamazight is taught in 38 provinces, against 11 in 2014.

Thus, the gradual and compulsory generalization of Tamazight in the educational system is linked to the establishment of standards for this language, long confined to oral speech.

Another achievement in 2018 was the addition of Yennayer, Berber New Year’s Day, into the national holiday calendar.








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