Documentary on destination Algeria: Full interview with Chinese CCTV4 Production Manager


A team of journalists of the Chinese TV channel “CCTV4” is on an official visit to Algeria, producing a documentary film on tourism in Algeria to promote this destination for Chinese tourists and give a new impetus and substance to bilateral cooperation between both countries in all spheres of life.


For this purpose, DZ Breaking’s journalist Hana SAADA had an interview with CCTV4’s Production Manager, Huang Xiaoyu, to get more information on this documentary film. Here is the full interview:


*What is the aim of your visit to Algeria?

Huang Xiaoyu: I am here representing CCTV4 which is a Chinese Television Channel. Our aim is to prepare a documentary on the destination Algeria.


* Have you broadcasted on your Channel similar documentaries on Tourism in North Africa?

Huang Xiaoyu: In fact, this is our first experience in North Africa. The Choice of Algeria is not a coincidence.. China gives an enormous priority to Algeria. We want to shed light on Algeria’s customs and traditions as well as its natural landscapes.


*What is the purpose of filming such documentaries?

Huang Xiaoyu: This documentary film will help Chinese people to get closer to Algeria, discover its customs, traditions, rituals as well as the diversity of its cultural heritage. Besides, such documentaries promote tourism and exchange between both peoples in all fields of life.


*Do you mean economy? Does this initiative help to boost economic cooperation existing between both countries to higher levels, meeting both peoples and governments expectations, especially since China is Algeria’s largest goods supplier for the fifth year in a row?

Huang Xiaoyu: Yes of course, such documentaries contribute to the facilitation of the integration of Chinese economic operators in the Algerian scene for the conclusion of agreements and partnerships. China is eager to further enhance cooperation with Algeria, calling its people to get a close eye on Algeria and its culture and heritage.


*Algeria and China maintains long lasting and traditional relationships built up during the National Liberation War, as China was the first non-Arab country to recognize the Provisional Government of the Algerian Republic in September 1958, and the first country to respond to the urgent call of Algeria following the independence by sending medical missions to help the local population. My question here is why this initiative did not see light before this year?


Huang Xiaoyu: In fact, this documentary film comes to crown the distinguished and exceptional relationships binding Algeria and China, especially this year as both countries are celebrating the 60th anniversary of the establishment of their diplomatic ties. This is a significant occasion. Plus, China is moving forward to forge economic relations with Algeria mainly after Algeria joined, in 2018, the Silk Road initiative which aims at facilitating the movement of people and goods between the continents.

Also, the memorandum of understanding inked between Algeria and China aimed at facilitating the movement of Chinese tourists to Algeria played a major role.


*Moving to the documentary film, have you finished the shooting? And what cities and touristic monuments have you visited?

Huang Xiaoyu: Yes, we finished the shooting.  We are about to wrap up our journey in Algeria which lasted 13 days from December, 27th, 2018 till today. We have visited many cities, to wit; Adrar, Timimoun, Ain Defla, Tipaza, and the Algerian capital Algiers.


*How did you manage to make your documentary film? How did you generate ideas?

Huang Xiaoyu: Well, we talked to people from different walks of life about Algerian customs, traditions, foods and rituals. We wanted to hear from people themselves. Besides, we have filmed many tourist and historical monuments as well as development projects related to the tourism sector such as; roads and railways.


*Are you planning to film other documentaries in North Africa?

Huang Xiaoyu: Absolutely yes, our next destination will be Morocco.


*When will you broadcast this documentary?

Huang Xiaoyu: It will be broadcasted next April on our Channel. It will comprise four or five episodes, each one dealing with specific aspect. I hope people will enjoy it.

*Thank you very much for your time.

Huang Xiaoyu: You are most welcome.







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