Destination Algeria: 2 million-plus tourists visited Algeria in 2018 with Tunisians at the lead


Up to 2 million foreign tourists paid a visit to Algeria in 2018 with the Tunisians at the lead with more than one million visitors.

The destination Algeria attracted more than 2 million tourists in 2018. The Tunisians took the lead with more than one million visitors, followed by the French and the Moroccans, whose number was estimated at 80 317.
In this aspect, the Tunisians represented 62.48% of the global number of foreign visitors with over 1 million tourists, followed by the French with 221 707 visitors, representing only 10.98% and finally, the Moroccan tourists who were estimated at 80 317 tourists.
These figures have been revealed by the Ministry of Tourism at its annual meeting held to assess the quality of the provided services as well as the challenges to be embarked to further promote the destination Algeria and attract more foreign visitors.
Tourism Minister Abdelkader Benmessaoud chaired, yesterday, Wednesday, the work of the evaluation meeting, insisting on the need to exert more efforts, especially in the field of handrafts so as to inject a new dynamic to the sector.
In the same vein, the official highlighted that another meeting will be held in the near future  before the end of the month to take stock of the difficulties facing the sector. The experts are involved in the preparation of this meeting which should lead to a series of recommendations, he pointed out.
Besides, the official referred to the figures of the projects achieved during the past year;
45 master plans of tourism development were approved while 165 new areas of expansion and tourist sites were identified, 41 new tourist areas have been finalized while another 59 are under study.
With regard to new projects, a committee has approved 496 new projects. In the same year, 80 projects were received with a capacity of 7,000 beds, generating 1,100 direct jobs.






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