Mohamed Djellaoui appointed head of Algerian Academy for Tamazight language


Dean of Languages and Letters University in Bouira, Mohamed Djellaoui, was appointed president of the Algerian Academy for Tamazight language, for a period of four years, in accordance with a presidential decree dating back to December 23th, 2018, published in the last number of the Official Journal.

The members of the Academy, 40 in number including the president, were also appointed under another presidential decree.

It is worth mentioning that the organic law relating to the creation of the Algerian Academy of the Amazigh language, adopted in June 2018 by the two Houses of Parliament, after having been ratified by the Council of Ministers, defines the missions, the composition, the organization and functioning of this body.

The Academy is responsible, in particular, for collecting the national corpus of the Amazigh language in all its linguistic varieties, establish the standardization of the Amazigh language at all levels of description and linguistic analysis and develop a reference dictionary of the  Amazigh language.


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