Bouira’s Yennayer caravan: Yennayer; festival that brings together all Algerians


The celebration of the Berber and Amazigh new year 2969, after its officialization by the President of the Republic, “is a festival that brings together all Algerians and provides information on the extent of identity and history of Algeria,” said, Tuesday in Bouira, the Minister of Religious Affairs and Waqfs, Mohamed Aissa.

The formalization of the celebration of Yennayer has made it possible to “defeat any attempt at dispersal” and the Berber New Year has become a festival that is celebrated in all the wilayas of the country. This is an event that brings together all Algerians, “said the minister after the kickoff of a cultural and artistic caravan of Yennayer which will crisscross all the municipalities of the wilaya of Bouira.

Speaking at a press briefing, Mr Aissa returned to this question, explaining that the state’s officialization of Yennayer “was a wise decision” because, he said, “it has blocked the way to all attempts at dispersal and it was able to gather all Algerians around their identity “.

“Algeria, which paid a heavy tribute during the black decade and the Berber spring knew how to draw lessons thanks to the process of the national reconciliation successfully engaged by the President of the Republic Mr Abderlaziz Bouteflika”, highlighted the minister who chaired the 3rd national seminar on the theme “The efforts of Algerian ulemas in the promotion of Amazigh culture”.

Mohamed Aissa praised the virtues of the cultural diversity enjoyed by Algeria, stressing that this diversity “is strength and is behind the union of ranks”.

Algeria, “has been able to reconcile and continues to fight against fundamentalism and dispersal”, underlined, in this context, the minister, who had visited an exhibition of Berber handicrafts and other products at the headquarters of the ex- galleries of the city of Bouira.






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