Syrians banned from entering Algeria: A Major-General of Free Syrian Army concerned (evidence)


“We have irrefutable evidence that all Syrians banned from entering the country through its southern borders have links with militant groups,” stressed Hassan Kacimi, director of immigration at the Ministry of the Interior, Local Assemblies and National Planning in a statement to the daily Le Soir D’ Algerie.

“The Syrians were banned from entering the country to prevent infiltration by Syrian opposition groups into the territory because they represent a security threat” added the senior official.

“We have in possession very compromising information about them; very clear messages have been passed by Whatsapp proving not only their membershipand their links with the terrorist networks, but also the plan of their organization to infiltrate into our country,” he explained .

The official said clearly that Algerian authorities possess other crucial evidence. They will be disclosed at the appropriate time. For now, one thing is certain: “a Major-General of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) is leading the operation.”

“The latter is responsible for supervising the movements to Algeria of these soldiers. They left the region of Aleppo, passed through two other known capitals, “he continued, however, without mentioning the names of the two capitals.

Once at the southern borders of Algeria, the migrants, mainly Syrian as well as Yemeni militants, moved in groups of five. In short, according to Kacimi, this is a “guerrilla technique”.

Arrived two months ago, some of them had in possession sums of up to $ 15,000.





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