Preserving Algeria’s Heritage: 1,000 monuments across national territory classified


Minister of Culture Azzedine Mihoubi stressed Saturday, in Bordja Bou Arreridj, the need to preserve Algeria’s tangible and intangible heritage as it reflects national identity’s depth.


“It is important to “preserve the tangible and intangible heritage of the country through the legislative component to ensure its promotion and enjoy all the benefits of classification,” highlighted the Minister during a working visit to this province.

In this sense, Mr. Mihoubi mentioned the “classification of nearly 1,000 monuments across the national territory”, adding that his ministerial department is working to increase the rate of classification of historical monuments.

In Koleaâ village, in the commune of Tassmert, during his visit to the ancient mosque of the village, the minister decided to classify this place of worship as a national and historical monument considering, he said, ” its distinguished location and its role in scientific and religious outreach “.

The minister who also valued the traditional method of irrigation, practiced in this village, similar to that of the southern regions of the country (Fouggara).

In the commune of Bordj Zemoura, the minister visited the former primary school, commonly called “the college” where he gave instructions to classify it as wilaya (province) heritage like Ouled Daoud semi-detached mosque which is among the flagship monuments of this local community.

On this occasion, Mr. Mihoubi praised the efforts of the children of this locality who are trying to preserve this site.

The minister took part in the Literary Café at the El Bachir El Ibrahimi hall in the capital of wilaya, hailing this kind of initiatives, organized throughout the country and which aspire our generations, he said, “to preserve the Algerian heritage”.

The minister also visited an exhibition of Amazigh books and heritage held in the hall of the Bachir El Ibrahimi Hall.






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