Need to clean up agricultural land to develop, modernize sector


Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Fishing Abdelkader Bouazghi stressed Wednesday, in Djelfa, the need to clean up the agricultural land in order to develop and modernize the sector in this steppe province.

The minister began his two-day visit to Djelfa by going to a poultry farm in Ain Oussara commune (100 km north of the wilaya), where he attended a detailed exhibition on the . state of the agricultural sector in the wilaya, before saying “we can not develop and modernize the sector, as long as the agricultural land has not been cleaned up in all its aspects to make it at the service of development”.

“The exploitable area in this wilaya which exceeds 374 hectares, makes Djelfa among the few wilayas having a vast area with agricultural vocation which can be exploited for the purposes of the agricultural production”, added the minister, recalling that the surface of production in this wilaya did not exceed 160 hectares, an area oriented largely to the cereals which depends on seasonal rainfall.

Welcoming the results achieved by the Djelfa wilaya in various agricultural sectors such as red meats occupying, in 2018, the first place at the national level in terms of production, Mr. Bouazgui reiterated the interest granted by his department to this wilaya to expand irrigated perimeters to reach 60,000 ha during the current year.

“This is a challenge that will contribute to the development of the sector and make this wilaya a model to follow in this matter,” said the minister.






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