Illiteracy rate in Algeria falls to 10 %


The rate of illiteracy in Algeria has fallen to 9.44 %, according to the latest figures of the National Office of Illiteracy and Teaching for Adults published on the eve the Arab Literacy Day (January 8th).

“Algeria seeks to continue the fight against the scourge of illiteracy to enable all citizens to exercise their political and socio-economic rights and adopt new international approaches to build a viable society,” said the office, adding that the illiteracy rate had dropped to 9.44%.

“The national literacy strategy implemented since 2007 in collaboration with official partners and civil society and which has achieved several goals has been renewed,” said ONAEA, stating that 4,071,704 learners had been registered since the launch of this strategy.

During the 2017-2018 school year, a total of 422,389 learners, mostly women, were enrolled in the centers of the office, said the same source, noting that the competent authorities had proceeded to the creation of nine (09 ) literacy centers and vocational pre-apprenticeships for women and girls and the launch of the project “Modernization of literacy programs for rural women” as part of the implementation of a partnership agreement between Algeria and the European Union (EU).

In addition, the national literacy strategy has made it possible to implement the clauses of the partnership agreement with the National Office for Distance Education and Training (ONEFD) to allow people to follow distance studies in the first year of medium education.

The celebration of the Arab Literacy Day whose official festivities are organized this year in the wilaya of Tlemcen is part of the commemoration of the creation, in 1966, by the Arab League of a regional literacy body , known as the Arab Literacy and Adult Education Authority since 1970, the year of the creation of the Arab Organization for Education, Culture and Science (ALECSO).

This year’s Arab Literacy Day will focus on “Literacy and Skills Development”, which will explore the real links between literacy and skills, giving more interest to young people and adults.






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