Western Sahara: Two Spanish citizens expelled from SADR by Moroccan Police


The Moroccan Police has expelled two Spanish citizens from the territory of Western Sahara, explained one of the two affected citizens, Irati Tobar, by telephone from Agadir, according to Spanish daily information 20 minutos.es

The Moroccan Police stormed, on December 31, the house of a Sahrawi family in the occupied territory El Aaiún, ordering the two Spanish citizens to pick up their luggage and leave the territory.

In this aspect, the same official added that Moroccan agents accompanied them to a collective taxi where they were forced to go up and took them to Agadir, where tomorrow they will travel to Casablanca, and from there to Bilbao.

“They told us that here they come to do tourism and not political activity, and that we should be in a hotel and not in a private house for our own safety,” Tobar explained.

However, Tobar said that the two of them were not participating in any political activity and that they were dedicated to tourism with the sole objective of getting to know the situation in Western Sahara, for which they had chosen to stay with a family, to which They arrived by the contact of some friends in the Basque Country.

The expulsions of foreigners from the territory of Western Sahara are frequent (97 in 2016, according to a count of a Sahrawi NGO), but almost always affect activists of NGOs, lawyers, journalists, councilors or deputies who come to participate in conferences or campaigns of the independence

The Moroccan police, which never presents the expulsion order in writing, argues that to travel to the Occupied Western Sahara it must be done with a declared purpose and always passing through the official channels.








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