Partial renewal of Council of the Nation: FLN achieving large victory, RND at distant second


The provisional results of the elections for the partial renewal of the Council of the Nation, held on Saturday, allowed the National Liberation Front (FLN) party to consolidate its position of majority party. Thus, the party achieved a large victory by claiming 29 seats out of the 48, followed, at a distant second by the National Democratic Rally (RND) with 10 members will sit at the Parliament’s Upper House.


The rest of the seats have been won by 4 independent candidates, 2 elected representatives from the Socialist Forces Front (FFS) and two from the El-Moustakbel Front (the Front of the Future).

The election in the province of Tlemcen (512 km west of Algiers)  has been annulled, as the Constitutional Council has received only one vote counting report on the three polling stations in this city and, consequently, the results were not validated.

The poll will be reorganized in this city within the legal deadline provided for in paragraph 3 of Article 131 of the organic law on the Electoral System, announced the Constitutional Council after the proclamation of the provisional results on Monday.

The seat of this province had been claimed after the election by the RND party.

Mouad Bouchareb, Coordinator of the governing body of the FLN party on Sunday welcomed that his party has won the majority of the seats at the Council of the Nation, saying that this “consolidates the party position as leader on the political scene.”

According to Bouchareb, the FLN party has a total of 55 seats in the Upper House of Parliament after Saturday’s vote.

“This is the first time that the party has achieved this score in the Upper House renewal election, thanks to the historical place of the Party and the ambitious programme of the Party leader, President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika.”

These results have been made possible through “the political integrity and ethics championed by the party candidates”, he added.

Blaming the “laxity of some members and the low level of some executives of the party in Algiers” for the loss of important seats, Bouchareb lauded however, the victory of the FLN party in several major provinces, including Constantine, Oran, Batna, Setif and Mascara.

The FLN coordinator reaffirmed the party willingness to collaborate with “all political parties, without exception for the interest of Algeria,” adding that “the common denominator was the implementation of the President of the Republic’s programme.”

For his part, RND Secretary-General Ahmed Ouyahia said he was not satisfied with the results of his party, but accepted them, thanking the RND members who participated in the elections in “ complete transparency  and with honor.”

The FFS, which participated in the elections in 8 provinces, welcomed its victory in Tizi-Ouzou and Bejaia, which allowed him to “establish itself as the first political force in these two strongholds of democratic struggles.”

The oldest opposition party of late Hocine Ait Ahmed reaffirmed its commitment to continue to working towards the achievement of the “project of rebuilding the national and popular consensus”.

The election for the renewal of half of the Upper House was organized in accordance with the presidential decree convening the Electoral College.

The last election for the Upper House partial renewal took place on December 29, 2015.








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