Algeria bans Syrians from entering territory to prevent Syrian opposition groups’ infiltration


“The Syrians, seeking asylum in Algeria by entering via Southern borders, are suspected of belonging to militant groups, thus, they are not welcome,” stressed Hassan Qasimi, director of immigration policy at the Interior Ministry.

“Algeria has banned all Syrians from entering the country through its southern border to prevent infiltration by Syrian opposition groups into their territory as a security threat,” added the Senior official.

In this vein, he pointed out that Algeria hosted up to 50,000 Syrians in the past few years for humanitarian reasons, however, Syrian suspects of being members of Islamic groups are not welcome because this affects the security and stability of Algeria.

“We have hosted 50,000 Syrians in the past few years for humanitarian reasons,” he said, referring to refugees who fled the civil war. “But we can not welcome members of armed groups fleeing Syria when it comes to our security.”

“100 people had arrived at the southern border with the help of local armed escorts in the past few weeks but had been spotted and expelled shortly after infiltrating into Algeria.

“These Syrians arrived via airports in Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, Sudan, Niger or Mali using fake Sudanese passports,” he said.

“Absolutely this is a criminal network and we have to be very vigilant so we do not allow them to enter Algeria,” he said.

Algeria has maintained diplomatic ties with Syria throughout the civil war, during which President Bashar al-Assad largely defeated the militants.






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