Counterterrorism: Defense Ministry’s report for 2018


The various operations carried out by units of the National People’s Army during 2018 resulted in the killing of 32 terrorists, the arrest of 25 and the surrender of 132 others to the military authorities, according to a report made public on Tuesday.

According to the same source, the year 2018 was distinguished by “great results” in the fight against terrorism, smuggling, arms trafficking, drug trafficking and organized crime by “the neutralization and the the arrest of a large number of terrorists, the dismantling of several support networks and the destruction of a large number of casemates and shelters serving as refuges for terrorist groups “.

In addition, this year has resulted in the “elimination of 32 terrorists, the arrest of 25, the surrender of 132 others to the military authorities, the arrest of 170 elements of support to terrorist groups and the surrender of 22 terrorists’ family members  “.

In the same year, the “discovery and destruction of 499 casemates for terrorist groups and 8 explosives manufacturing workshops, the recovery of 707 pieces of weapons, 231 Kalashnikovs, 388 rifles, were also carried out in addition to the recovery of  25 pistols, 48 ​​machine gunners, 15 rocket launchers, 399 magazines, 52 chains of ammunition and 94,764 bales of different calibres, 42 grenades, 143 propellant charges, 160 detonators, 457 explosive capsules and 498 shells “.

The ANP elements also discovered and destroyed “512 homemade bombs, 61 mines, 32 booby traps, 2224.2 kg of explosive materials and 1659.87 kg of chemicals used to make the explosives”.

Moreover, and in the context of border security and the fight against smuggling and organized crime, detachments of the ANP arrested “611 drug traffickers, 1,800 smugglers, 950 gold miners and 41 divers without authorization”.

They also seized, during their various operations, “a large quantity of drugs amounting to 701.995 kg of cocaine, 24.96 tons of treated Hashsish, 2.2 kg of heroin and 509828 psychotropic tablets”, as well as “945 vehicles, 17 drones, 78 means of communication, 89 pairs of binoculars “.

In the same vein, the operational balance sheet of the ANP raises the seizure of “46.18 tons and 886.120 units of tobacco, 995281 units of different drinks, 1240.2 tons of food for smuggling, 1032044 liters of fuel, 486 metal detectors , in addition to 1405 generators, 1215 jackhammers and 54 bags of mixture of stones and crude gold and 3176788 units of pyrotechnics “.

As for the fight against illegal immigration, detachments of the ANP arrested “6834 illegal immigrants and defeated 3983 attempts of illegal emigration”.





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