Council of Ministers: Bill on civil nuclear activities adopted


The Council of Ministers has adopted, Thursday, a bill on the civil nuclear activities, for a “best valuation of the nuclear energy in the scientific research,” while offering the guarantees for non-nuclear proliferation.

The Council of Ministers considered and adopted a draft law on civil nuclear activities.

Algeria is, for a long time, one of the states that has ratified the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons. It has also gradually adhered to all United Nations nuclear conventions.

The draft law on nuclear activities will, thus, crown this initiative and pave the way for better development of nuclear energy in various fields of scientific research, particularly, medical research.

To this end, the text provides a legal basis for several aspects related to peaceful nuclear activities, including (i) the regulation of the various activities related to the use of nuclear materials and ionizing radiation sources, as well as the management of radioactive waste, (ii) the definition of nuclear safety and radiation protection rules and requirements, (iii) the implementation of nuclear non-proliferation safeguards in fulfillment of the obligations arising from our international obligations in this area, (iv) the transposition of the national law as well as the provisions of the relevant treaties and conventions ratified by our country, (v) and the definition of penal sanctions applicable to infringements of the law on peaceful nuclear activities.

The implementation of the draft law will be ensured by a set of bodies and councils, with, first and foremost, a National Authority for Nuclear Safety and Security.








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