“Algerians eager for continuing collaboration with Iran on cinema,” Danesh Eqbashavi


“Algerians are keen for continuing cooperation with Iran on other cinema projects,” pointed out the Iranian cineaste Danesh Eqbashavi, who is collaborating on the film project “Ahmed Bey”, a co-production between Iran and Algeria.

In this aspect, Eqbashavi is in Algiers directing the war scenes for “Ahmed Bey”, a co-production between Iran and Algeria about Ahmed Bey being made with his fellow filmmaker, Jamal Shurjeh.

The film, whose shooting was launched in CACD cinema town in Algiers in August, depicts episodes of Algerian fighter Ahmed Bey (1784-1850) who was ruling Algeria’s Constantine in the Ottoman era.

“Algerians are familiar with Iranian art and cinema, and have a great desire to cooperate on more co-production projects with Iran,” Eqbashavi told the Persian service of IRNA on Tuesday.

“Algeria is a revolutionary and safe country that is independent in its decisions. It is also pacifist and has mediated in several cases, and we have a lot in common with the country to collaborate on,” he added.

He noted that the cooperation can also be expanded into other fields such as theater, music and literature.

The film will depict Ahmed Bey’s life from 1826 to 1848 when he ruled the Regency of Algiers.

As head of state, he led the local population in fierce resistance against the French occupation forces. In 1837, the territory was conquered by the French, who reinstated Ahmed Bey as ruler of the region. He remained in this position until 1848, when the region became a part of the colony of Algiers and he was deposed.







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