2018 Military Strength Ranking: Algeria 2nd in Africa


With 520,000 servicemen and 272,350 reservists, Algeria has been ranked the 2nd strongest army in Africa just after Egypt, according to the annual report of the US site Global Fire Power (GFP).

This report, covering 136 countries, has ranked the country of the pharaohs as the leading African power and twelfth in the world, behind Italy.

In this aspect, Algeria has been ranked second in Africa (with 520,000 servicemen and 272,350 reservists) and 23rd worldwide.

As for the other military powers in Africa, Ethiopia has been ranked fifth in the African Continent and 51st in the world, then, Morocco (55th), Sudan (70th) and Libya (74th).

According to Global Firepower, some of the factors used for the ranking are the diversity of weapons, available manpower, logistical capacity, and industrial base.


Total population: 97,041,072

Manpower available: 42,000,000

Total military personnel: 1,329,250

Active personnel: 454,250

Reserve personnel: 875,000

Fit-for-service: 35,306,000

Reaching military age: 1,535,000


Total population: 40,969,443

Manpower available: 20,400,000

Total military personnel: 792,350

Active personnel: 520,000

Reserve personnel: 272,350

Fit-for-service: 17,250,000

Reaching military age: 675,000






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