14th National Workshop of Arabic Calligraphy: Maghreb style in Spotlight


Maghreb calligraphy (Mabsoute and mojawher), inspired by the Andalusia School, is in the spotlight at the 14th National Workshop of Arabic Calligraphy, opened, Saturday, at Hassan-el-Hassani community arts centre of Medea.

More than a hundred works, made by 40-plus young calligraphers present at this workshop, are exhibited until the 25th of the current month at the art gallery, which has become a must-see for artists who are eager to learn more from big names in calligraphy, such as; Abdelghani Douakh, Abderrazak Kara-Bernou or Fodhil Safar-Remali, considered a reference among followers of this art.

Unlike previous editions, devoted exclusively to the styles “Diwani”, “Naskhi”, “Thuluth” and “Riqua”, the association “Rakim”, co-organizer with the direction of culture of this workshop, shed light on two types of writing, still in vogue in some countries of the Maghreb, namely; the “Mabsoute”, and the style “Djawhara”, used in Andalusia for writing correspondence and official documents.

Some forty calligraphers, from sixteen provinces of the country, are participating in the 14th edition of the national workshop of Arabic calligraphy dedicated to the famous Arabic calligrapher and illuminator of the Abassid era, Ibn al-Bawwab.

Introductory workshops on the contribution of new technologies in the design of calligraphic works, the work of paper and writing techniques will be organized for the benefit of participants and lovers of this art.







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