Hotel and catering: 2 new executive decrees, 50 archaeological sites being rehabilitated


The Minister of Tourism and Handicrafts, Abdelkader Ben Messaoud reported, Thursday in Algiers, the approval of two executive decrees on the improvement of the activity of the hotel and catering, announcing that ” the texts governing the activity of travel agencies and tour guides will be updated soon “.

Answering three questions in a plenary of the Council of the Nation, on “the measures taken for the protection of archaeological monuments and the promotion of tourism for sustainable non-hydrocarbon development”, the minister said that “the Government has recently approved two new executive decrees relating to the improvement of the activity of the hotel and catering industry “, meanwhile, he mentioned ” the forthcoming update of the texts governing the activities of travel agencies and tour guides “with a view to adapting them to the developments that the sector is experiencing in Algeria and to the orientations of the Government to consolidate decentralization.

The minister recalled, in this context, the program designed to convince Algerian tourists to spend their holidays in the interior of the country, calling to “implement major promotional programs to attract tourists, popularize the potential tourism available and promote  local cultural events “.

To this end, Mr. Benmessaoud emphasized the need to frame and organize tourist seasons, to encourage operators to support the dynamics of domestic tourism by proposing reasonable rates, to promote services and to conclude partnerships with relevant sectors, such as; Transport, Culture and the Interior and local Assemblies to intensify efforts for the promotion of domestic tourism “.

Regarding the summer season, Mr. Benmessaoud said that his department is working on intensifying pre-season and post-season verification visits to ensure that the necessary conditions for relaxation and recreation are met at the level of culture and leisure sectors for the benefit of summer visitors.

The Minister also mentioned the inspection of reception infrastructures, the encouragement of exchanges between the provinces of the South and the High Plateaux, in order to allow a greater number of families and young people with modest incomes to take advantage of their holidays, highlighting, in this regard, the role played by the National Preparatory Commission for this season with the participation of all sectors concerned.

Concerning the protection of archaeological and historical monuments and their exploitation in the tourist activity, the minister insisted on the imperative to “protect this heritage and use it to enhance the destination Algeria”, saying, in this connection, that Algeria is “an open-air museum with treasured heritage, material and immaterial treasures, confirming the deep roots of its civilization in history”.

The minister also reported on a study under way in his department for the rehabilitation of 50 archaeological tourist monuments, saying the archaeological heritage is “one of the pillars of tourism development in Algeria, noting that tourism is not only an activity of leisure and relaxation, but also a way to make known the culture and traditions of the regions hosting tourists.

The Ministry is currently working to integrate all monuments and archaeological sites and civilizational and cultural foundations into all tourist centers, guarantee publications in various languages ​​and their distribution inside and outside the country as well as generalize the use of new information and communication technologies, “he said.






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