Exporting; new culture among Algerian entrepreneurs


Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia welcomed, Thursday, the fact that more Algerian operators are accessing foreign markets, considering that export has become “a culture” among the Algerian entrepreneurs.

In a statement to the press at the opening of the 27th edition of the Algerian Production Fair at the Palaca of Expositions (Pins Maritimes-Algiers), Mr. Ouyahia said that this event is “an opportunity to congratulate Algerian public and private companies “.

He assured, in this regard, that this Fair has proved that “the export is today the culture of the Algerian entrepreneur”.

During his visit to the various stands of the fair, Mr. Ouyahia met several operators among those who have raised their export activities so fast, like the industrial cement group “Gica” which has succeeded in 2018 to export 270,000 tonnes, and plans to reach 1.7 million tonnes by 2019. He also visited the “Condor” electronic industry group stand which exported in 2018, to eight (8) countries, around 52 million, and plans to increase its export turnover to 25% by 2022.

Mr. Ouyahia highlighted his government’s willingness to deal with all the obstacles hindering the export of the products of national operators, particularly the tax and customs systems.

Calling on the banks to follow this dynamic, the Prime Minister has welcomed the initiative of the Foreign Bank of Algeria opening subsidiaries in France in 2019.

“Given its quality, the Algerian product can be competitive in foreign markets,” said Ouyahia, calling operators to be “more aggressive” to demonstrate their capabilities.





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