Scandinavian tourists killing: Four suspects arrested by Morocco


Two female hikers from Norway and Denmark were found dead in the Moroccan mountains with signs of brutal murder. According to local sources, the police are currently studying unverified footage of a killer using a blade to hack a blond woman’s head from her shoulders.


The killing of the Scandinavian tourists in Morocco, who were beheaded in the mountains earlier this week, is being investigated as a terrorist act, the local police confirmed to AFP, having conducted a series of arrests.

In total, four suspects have been arrested on suspicion of having murdered Maren Ueland from Norway and Louisa Vesterager Jespersen from Denmark. The arrests in the city of Marrakesh follow a first arrest on Monday, hours after the discovery of the two women’s bodies at a camp in the High Atlas mountains.

The first man arrested is suspected of belonging to an unnamed Islamic extremist group.

“Based on the information the police have about the suspects, they can not rule out the fact that they belong to a radical Islamic environment”, Boubker Sabik, spokesman for the Moroccan National Council said, as quoted by AFP.

The first Moroccan suspect was arrested in Marrakesh on Tuesday morning. The police found his ID card near the crime scene. He was also likely to have been caught on a camcorder in the mountain village of Imlil, which serves as a base camp for climbers bound for Toubkal. During the interrogation, the man reportedly pointed out three fellow culprits. Another three fugitive suspects have been later arrested in connection with the murder of Scandinavian hikers. The suspects camped near the place where the women were found dead, both inside and outside the tent. An unnamed police source told AFP that one had been decapitated, while the other had a serious throat wound.








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