Demonstrations of 11 December 1960: Tangible proof of Algerian people’s unwavering commitment to Revolution


Minister of Mujahideen Tayeb Zitouni said, Tuesday, that the demonstrations of 11 December 1960 showed Algerian people’s unwavering commitment to their armed Revolution (1954-1962) by responding to the call of its leadership.


In an opening address at a national conference held at Belhadj Bouchaib University Centre in Ain Temouchent, under the slogan: “the demonstrations of 11 December 1960: victory of people’s will to be free,” the minister of Mujahideen said the historic event showed that “the Algerian people expressed, together, their commitment to their armed Revolution and to its leadership.”

“The demonstrations, which started in Ain Temouchent, before spreading across the country, showed that the Algerian people, together, had made their final decision, that is, to stand alongside the political leadership and the military command of the Revolution.”

The 1960’s events changed the course of history with United Nations’ adoption, on 15 September 1960, of the Resolution 15/14, calling for the implementation of a decolonization process in Algeria.

The festivities marking the demonstrations of 11 December 1960 have begun with a flag-raising ceremony at the martyrs square and the recitation of Al-Fatiha, the first chapter of the Holy Qur’an, in the presence of the minister of Mujahideen, local officials and members of the Revolutionary family.







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