Beatification of 19 Christian religious men in Oran, part of national reconciliation


The beatification of 19 Christian religious men died in Algeria, to be held Saturday in Oran (432-km west of Algeria), is part of the national reconciliation and is not an occasion for “reopening the wounds but an opportunity to look to the future and turn the page rather than rip it out,” the minister of Religious Affairs, Mohamed Aissa, said Friday on the sidelines of the inauguration of two mosques in Oran.

“I came to Oran to participate in the beatification ceremonies, organized by an initiative of the Catholic Church of Algeria, after approval of the President of the Republic and the support of the authorities,” said the Minister, adding that the day before this event, two mosques were inaugurated.

The Minister added that the inauguration of “Ribat Tolba” mosque, erected on the heights of Mount Murdjadjou, which is a historical site, located near the mausoleum of Sidi Abdelkader Djilani is very imprtant event.

“This place of worship is testimony to the coming students from all over the West to study the Holy Quran, and is also a place of resistance where these students participated in the liberation of Oran from the Spanish yoke,” pointed out the minister.

The other inaugurated mosque is called “Emir Abdelkader”, in Haï El-Barki, which, according to the minister, “symbolizes the Algerian-Turkish fraternity, as well as the historic alliance, which took place under similar conditions, between the Algerians and their Ottoman brothers to liberate Algeria from the yoke of the crusaders’ alliance “.

The minister recalled that this double event coincides with the holding, on Saturday, of the beatification ceremonies, as well as the inauguration of the church of Santa Cruz, of which the Algerian State took part in the rehabilitation works”.

The minister had previously attended the Friday prayer at the “Emir Abdelkader” mosque. The theme of the sermon was “living together in peace”.





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