9th Fica: Documentary “Enrico Mattei and the Algerian Revolution” screened in Algiers


The documentary feature film “Enrico Mattei and the Algerian Revolution”, dedicated to the career of the anti-colonialist militant and Italian industrial and his contribution to the Algerian revolution, was screened Wednesday in Algiers, the director Ali Fateh Ayadi pointed out.


This 53-minute documentary was screened at the 9th International Film Festival of Algiers (Fica), opened Saturday at Ibn Zaydoun Hall at Ryadh El Feth.

This television documentary traces the course of Enrico Matteï, founder of the Italian oil industry, who had initiated, as the head of the Italian operating company, more advantageous oil contracts for the producing countries and refused, in the late 1950s, to negotiate with the colonial France on mining projects in Algeria.

Part of the documentary, made up of juxtaposed testimonies, is devoted to the activism of Enrico Matteï who met with officials of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Algeria in addition to federating the Italian public opinion around the cause of the Algerian independence.

The testimonies of former members of the Ministry of Armament and General Liaison (MALG) including Mohamed Khelladi, Brahim Bendriss and Ali Cherif Deroua attest that Enrico Matteï had also mobilized the Italian political class for the independence of Algeria and helped introduce several representatives of MALG and GPRA to Italian politicians and media.

The film also evokes the “suspicious death” of Enrico Mattei following an airplane crash in October 1962.

Released in 2018, this film was produced by the Algerian Agency for Cultural Radiation (Aarc), the National Center for Cinema and Audiovisual (Cnca) and the Development of Cinema (Cadc).



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