9th FICA: Raoul Peck’s “I Am Not Your Negro” screened in Algiers


“I Am Not Your Negro” by Raoul Peck, a documentary on the struggles of the Afro-Americans against anti-black racism, was screened Tuesday, in Algiers, as part of the 9th International  Film Festival of Algiers (FICA).

In competition at the festival, “I am not your negro” is a co-production (France-Belgium-Switzerland) which recounts the struggles for the civil rights of Afro-Americans, led by activists as well as defenders of the rights od the Blacks, like; Martin Luther King, Malcom and Medgar Evers, all murdered for defending the black community.

Released in 2017, the 93-minute documentary reflects the American society from the 1930s to the 1940s, when the United States was shaken by racial conflict and hostilities against blacks.

Based on a correspondence of anti-Black writer and anti-racist activist James Bladwin, the documentary features images and excerpts from Martin Luther King’s speeches as well as Bladwin’s appearances on television and at university.

Through this feature, Raoul Peck restores a “frightful” period in the history of the United States, tainted by its unfair treatment of blacks.

“I am not your negro” also decrypts anti-Black racism, especially in Hollywood movies from the 1930s to the 1940s, while focusing on peaceful demonstrations to deconstruct the stereotype of “docile blacks”.

Social inequality, translated by the exclusion of Negro children from school, was mentioned by the director, who considers that the white man draws his hatred from the image of dread he has of the Black.

Distinguished in several international events, “I am not your negro” – nominated at the Oscars 2017-, has won numerous awards including the César for the best documentary film (2018).

The 9th Fica continues until December 9 at the Salle Ibn Zeydoun at the rate of three screenings per day.





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