President Bouteflika: Strength of nations measured by their faithfulness to history, heritage


President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika affirmed, Monday, that the strength of nations is measured by their faithfulness to their heritage and history, warning against the lack of contact with our ancestors’ religious referent based on moderation and the middle path.


In a message on the occasion of the opening, in Oran, of the 20th National Holy Quran Week, read on his behalf by Minister of Religious Affairs and Wakfs Mohamed Aissa, the Head of State said that “the strength of nations is measured by their faithfulness to their heritage and history, and that their weaknesses lie in the lack of contact with the past, abandonment of heritage, neglect of history and the contempt for their principles.”

“Algeria’s identity is underpinned by its ancestral Amazigh past, age-old Arab history and its authentic Arab-Muslim heritage and the faithfulness to its principles,” he said.

Considering “unacceptable today that shallow debates and systematic skepticism drive our children to deny their history, ancestors and their identity principles,” he underlined that “faithfulness to the history and ancestors, while remaining open to the modern era and reacting in a constructive way to reality, will allow Algeria to achieve its ambitions and reach the rank of big nations.”

In his message, the Head of State also warned against “the fact that we will be able to be behind the misappropriation of our children and their ancestral Ulema who defined the bases of an orthodox religious referent, inspired by the Quran and Sunna and based on moderation and the middle path. A religious referent which is renewed and adapted by Ijtihad, said the Head of State.

Underlining the need to adopt the virtue of faithfulness as a “pledge” of sincerity and love for the country, he affirmed that “faithfulness, as a fundamental value added to the noble principles representing the national values, constitute a strong bastion against all the schemes targeting our identity, moderation and national and religious unity.”

President of the Republic also broached the fruits of the Charter for peace and national reconciliation that the Constitution established as an unchanging principle and a working basis in our anxiety about realities and events, pointing out that “this charter, born of a painful crisis, doesn’t mean at all to forget the tragedy and its causes and that we are shielded from another tragedy.”




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