Biometric documents: Generalization of single desk countrywide by late 2018


The single desk of biometric documents “will be gradually” generalized countrywide by the end of 2018 under the implementation of the strategy drafted by the Ministry of Interior, Local Authorities and National Planning to modernize the Algerian administration, the ministry said Sunday.


“We are working to gradually generalize the electronic single desk, currently being used in the communes of Algiers and the headquarters of the commune Laghouat, to all the communes of Algeria,” said Bouderbala Amar, Deputy Director of Secure Documents at the Ministry of the Interior, Local Authorities and National Planning at the opening of a regional training on single desk held in the province of Boumerdes, with the participation of executives and technicians from seven provinces.

Bouderbala also referred to the planned resort to the use of new electronic applications, including the biometric identity card and the biometric family record.

The single desk system consists in receiving applications for various biometric documents from communes, then instantly registering them in a central database, using the direct link with the various central databases such as that of biometric documents, the national civil status register and soon that of the driving licence data.

This new system is based on the automatic cross-referencing and comparison of the database of biometric documents with the National Civil Record, leading to an instant verification of applicant’s information.

In addition to the reduction of the required time to process applications, the introduction of this new technology has several objectives, including the gradual transition to electronic administration, the improvement of reception conditions and the relationship between the administration and citizens.





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