Need to monitor current development programme, avoid delays


“The success of State’s efforts to rationalize spendings was based on the effectiveness of the management of local development programmes,”  pointed out,  hursday in Algiers, Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia.


In a speech at the end of the Government-governors meeting, Ouyahia stressed the need to monitor the current development programme worth DZD13.500 billion and avoid delays that lead to reassessment.

Ouyahia said that the 2019 Finance Act allotted DZD500 billion to the revaluation of projects due to cumulative implementation delays.

“In order to deal with financial situations and promote the rationalization of spending, I urge governors and ministers to be satisfied with the implementation of projects on the current agenda and to ensure that they are implemented at the best possible pace,” he said.

The PM also advocated the maintenance of structures and infrastructures constructed under the five-year development programmes.

“For example, you must visit hospitals that often lack some equipment. With this small but substantial effort, we can improve the operation of public structures and meet citizens’ expectations,” said the PM.

Building contractors urged to show solidarity with State to protect public funds

The PM underlined the need to use public procurement clauses to reduce the bid costs of companies in charge of public projects, and considered that it was unacceptable to reduce the prices of raw materials such as cement and concrete reinforcing bars while the contract costs unchanged.

“We must be convinced that the destiny of all of us as a State, government and building contractors is common. We must be in solidarity with each other to preserve public funds,” said Ouyahia.

“I call governors to propose local programmes that address the daily concerns of citizens and being important projects such as communal roads as well as sports and cultural facilities,” said the PM.

Referring to population growth, Ouyahia said that the increase in the number of inhabitants in Algeria by one million inhabitants per year imposed more efforts to ensure conditions for schooling, youth employment and the promotion of rural housing.

As for schooling, the PM announced that school construction projects will continue to be unfrozen.

Regarding employment, the Premier urged governors to facilitate youth investment projects and to devote spaces for their implementation in industrial areas under construction.

Speaking about housing, Ouyahia stressed the need to orient population density, currently concentrated at the urban level (70%), towards rural areas, particularly through the promotion of rural housing.






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