Kuwait: Algeria’s craft week arouse Kuwaitis interest


Craft week, the first of its kind organized by Algeria’s Ministry of Tourism and Crafty Industry in Kuwait, in a view to promote and market Algerian craft products in Kuwait, wrapped up on November 29, the ministry said in a statement.

Director of Handicraft Ministry, Mr. Redouane Benattallah said that this event, launched last Sunday, was part of the “consolidation of cooperation between the two countries, in various areas, including crafts and trades, through the popularization, promotion and marketing of handicrafts, both in the Kuwaiti and the Gulf markets.

This event which saw the participation of 25 craftsmen, of both sexes, representing the different regions of the country aims, according to the statement, to “discover the Kuwaiti market, encourage craftsmen to export their products and contribute to the promotion of exports.”

On the sidelines of this week, co-organized by the Algerian Embassy in Kuwait, in coordination with the Kuwaiti National Council of Culture, Arts and Letters, “a meeting brought together the representatives of the Ministry of Tourism with the Secretary General of the Kuwaiti National Council of Culture, Arts and Letters, during which the emphasis was placed on “intensifying exchanges and participation in international events organized in both countries”.

In this aspect, visitors, including Kuwaitis and foreign nationals, appreciated the products exhibited.

Welcoming the success of the event, Mr. Abdaoui said that this encourages “the organization of other economic, cultural and sports events in order to strengthen bilateral relations in different areas”.

The opening ceremony was attended by officials from the Kuwaiti Ministry of Information, the Kuwaiti National Council of Culture, Arts and Letters and several members of the Diplomatic Corps accredited in Kuwait, artists and journalists ” concluded the statement.






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