President Bouteflika warns against “political manoeuvrings” as each crucial event approaches


President of the Republic, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, on Wednesday, warned against the “political manoeuvrings” observed as each “crucial event” to the Algerian people approaches.

In a message to the participants in the Government-governors meeting held Wednesday in Algiers, read on his behalf by Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic, Habba Okbi, the Head of State said that “it is normal that our country’s stability remains targeted by predating circles and sleepers who are determined to undermine the credibility and willingness of our children.”

The political manoeuvrings we observe as each crucial event to the Algerian people approaches is the tangible proof of these unrecognized intentions that disappear once our valorous people turn their back to them, stressed President Bouteflika.

“While some parties reduce current and future challenges to the succession of officials and seek to propagate this idea for unknown reasons, you know, as governors, that the challenge is bigger. In addition to addressing security and socioeconomic challenges, you must protect the achievements made by the people in the last two decades,” said the Head of State.

President Bouteflika stressed that “the adventurists who promote the culture of forgetting, denial and negation will never be forces of edification. On the contrary, they dissimulate the sickles of massacre, which they will not hesitate to use to push the country into the unknown.”

Algeria’s achievements are the fruits of an effort spent by a generation of its loyal children who made sacrifices so that Algeria can emerge from the spiral of insecurity and underdevelopment, and finds its way back to development and modernization, wrote the Head of State.

The achievements made so far are only a step in a long process. It is true that we encounter many challenges and we cannot dwell on pessimistic and defeatist thesis, whose only goal consists in slowing down our progress.

As regards, the Head of State affirmed that “national reconciliation and living together in peace have become the main headlines of an international strategic approach to combat radicalization and extremism in the world. This strategy was born of the suffering of this valiant people who have given to the world, in the past, a lesson in sacrifice and emancipation, and have become today, thanks to their sacrifices and the foresight and wisdom of their children, a reference in extinguishing the fires of the Fitna (discord), ending division and eliminating the logic of hate.”







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