44th anniversary of UNPA: Agricultural lands Preservation, red line not to be transgressed


President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika stressed, Monday, the State’s concern to preserve the agricultural land, underlining that it is a “red line not to transgress,” notably by ensuring its possession and the recovery of unexploited land in a rational way.


“I always insist that the government places, while implementing the article 19 of the Constitution, the agricultural land among its priorities, as it is a red line not be transgressed, notably by ensuring its possession and the recovery of unexploited land in a rational way,” affirmed the Head of State in a message on the occasion of the celebration of the 44th anniversary of the creation of the National Union of Algerian Farmers (UNPA), read on his behalf, in M’sila, by Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Fishing Abdelkader Bouazghi.

In this regard, President of the Republic urged the State’s different authorities to attach “ a major interest” to the modernization of the sector, to support young people’s initiatives, strengthen professional organizations, help rural women and to work for the promotion, modernization and development of agricultural sector.

He called on the government to focus its efforts on the main lines of the agricultural development, particularly the development of irrigation through the general implementation of water-saving measures, raising farmers and stockbreeders’ awareness on the importance of agricultural insurance and civil protection, the promotion of food-processing industry, the mechanization of agricultural activity and the encouragement of farm products exports.

President Bouteflika also called on the different institutions and bodies to attach more interest to the training in this field, notably among young people and in rural areas, to stay informed about the latest technological developments at the regional and international levels, to highlight the results of scientific researches and ensure that laboratories and research centers are close to their economic and investment environment.

Underlining the results of the policies implemented since 2000 in the agricultural field, he said that the measures that have been taken allowed improving the sector’s global indicators, which represent, henceforth, 12,3% of the gross domestic product (GDP) with a growth rate of more than 3,25% and a production exceeding DZD3,216 billion.








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