Call for joining efforts to eradicate terrorism, dry up its resources


Minister of Justice Tayeb Louh, in Khartoum, Sudan, called for combining forces to eradicate terrorism and dry up its resources, emphasizing the Algerian approach based on coercion and prevention, the ministry said Thursday in a statement.

Speaking at the 34th session of the Council of Arab Ministers of Justice in Khartoum, Louh warned against “the challenges facing the Arab world as a result of the threats of rising terrorism and extremism” , calling for “the combination of efforts for the eradication of this phenomenon and the drying up of its sources”.

On this occasion, the Minister highlighted the Algerian approach to the fight against terrorism based on “prevention and coercion, while focusing on the treatment of the factors of underlying terrorism, including the payment of ransom , a criminalized act in Algeria, he argued.

In this regard, Mr. Louh considered that the criminalization of the payment of ransom to terrorists at this session is “a consecration of the resolutions of the Security Council and the League of Arab Countries”.

Referring, moreover, to the question of peace and security in an Arab world, confronted with upheavals and overruns resulting from a world order that ignores international legality and non-respect of the bases and principles constituting the foundation United Nations, Mr. Louh deeply deplored the repercussions of this situation on the process of building the rule of law.

Besides, Mr. Louh recalled the main steps taken by Algeria in the area of ​​judicial reform and independence of the judiciary, under the aegis of the President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika, highlighting the main lines, particularly the development of human and structural capacities and the adaptation of the legislative system to socio-economic data, particularly after the resumption of the national development process and the implementation of measures relating to national reconciliation.





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