African countries must pool efforts to address migration crisis


Representatives of the United Nations and the African Union (AU) emphasized, Monday in Algiers, the need for consultation and coordination between African countries to address migration, and urged them to seal “the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM).”

Speaking on the occasion of the 2nd edition of the International Conference of African NGOs members of the United Nations (Ecosoc), which began its work, Monday in Algiers, the Commissioner and Special Rapporteur of the African Commission on Refugees, asylum applicants  and displaced persons, Maya Sahli, affirmed that ” migration crisis

is becoming more and more worrying”, evoking the “tragedy of migrants who die in the Mediterranean Sea during their crossing to join the European continent”.

Addressing the root causes of this phenomenon, the AU Commissioner, who presented a paper as part of the work of the first panel on “Migration Crisis, Peace, Security and Development in Africa”, focused on internal conflicts, terrorism, lack of good governance and poverty.

She insisted, however, on migration for economic reasons, stating that 80% of the movements of West African populations are driven by these factors while East African migrants are tied to security and conflict issues.

In this aspect, Maya Sahli affirmed that the African Union has addressed this phenomenon, which has primarily affected the youth sector by developing strategies to combat the situation of these vulnerable populations.

The rapporteur of the African Commission pointed out that there is still a problem of defining the status of the migrant in many African countries, ensuring that it is necessary for African states to lift these “amalgam” and refer to the categorization of these distressed populations.

Citing the case of asylum seekers and refugees fleeing conflict, Sahli urged African states to facilitate their reception and ensure their protection, arguing that international mechanisms help countries affected by this type of migratory flow.

She also called African states to develop migration policies that include the integration of IDPs, saying that migrants can be a “potential” and an “added value”.
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For her part, Kenza Aggad, a researcher and expert at the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, called on African states and NGOs to come closer to UN organizations for a better care of migrants, ensuring that this phenomenon is more and more transversal (South-South) than vertical (South-North).





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