Algeria greatly contributed to AU’s institutional reform process


Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdelkader Messahel affirmed Sunday, in Addis Ababa, that Algeria has “greatly” contributed to all the stages of the African Union’s institutional reform process since the summit of Kigali 2016, in order to strengthen the joint African action to better adapt to the changes in this continent.


Since Kigali’s Summit in which it was decided to undertake AU’s institutional reform, in addition that of Nouakchott held in July 2018, “Algeria participated to the defense of the principles which make from AU a continental and governmental organization,” Messahel told the press on the sidelines of the second and last day of AU’s Extraordinary Summit.

Algeria also called for the need to take into account, as part of the institutional reform, of the changes that Africa and the world are experiencing, a point on which Algeria insists in each executive meeting of the African Union or during the summits held since 2016.

Foreign Minister underlined, in this regard, the speech made by Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia, as the representative of president of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika in this summit, in which he reaffirmed Algeria’s commitment to the principle of preservation of “AU’s precious mechanism, considering its role in a changing world.”

In this regard, Messahel said that the idea of AU’s institutional reform emanates from the imperative to adapt the pan-African organization to the changes that the continent is experiencing in several fields, adding that “important stages were taken in this regard since Kigali Summit.”

The institutional reform comes to consolidate the charter of the Union and the joint African action for the implementation of decisions and ideas that are part of the African economic integration and coordination between the member countries to unify their international positions.

In this regard, Messahel highlighted the recommendations that will culminate this summit, devoted to AU’s institutional reform, notably the proposals relating to the support of the African commission’ action, which plays a major role, in addition to the point relating to the organization’s financing.










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