Algeria’s Ambassador to Lebanon launches “Group of African Ambassadors” in Lebanon


The “group of ambassadors of the African continent accredited in Lebanon” was launched, on Tuesday in Lebanon, by the Algerian Ambassador to Lebanon, Ahmed Bouziane, at a press conference held in his residence in Hazmieh.

The launch took place in the presence of the ambassadors of Egypt, Nazih el-Najari, Morocco, Mohamad Karin, Tunisia, Karim Boudali, Sudan, Ali Sadeq, and Nigeria, Goni Modu Zanna Bura.

Bouziane said, on behalf of all ambassadors, that “the creation of this group stems from the willingness and keenness of the concerned ambassadors to find a mechanism of regular consultation with our Lebanese brothers so as to strengthen communication and promote historical relations at the political, economic, social and cultural levels.”

“One of the key factors that will contribute to the success of this initiative is the intensification of political, social and economic interactions between the Lebanese community in Africa,” he said, adding that Arab-African cooperation dates 70 years back after the first Arab-African Summit of 1977 allowed the bilateral and multilateral Arab financial institutions to grant development aid to African countries.

Mr. Bouziane focused on Africa’s development plan for 2063, in which Africa seeks to strengthen its global presence and bridge the gap between Africa and the rest of the world, highlighting, in this context, the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) which provides for the eradication of poverty and the protection of African countries.”
For his part, the ambassador of Tunisia deemed as “very good” this initiative that will serve as a forum for exchange between African ambassadors on diplomatic missions in Lebanon, noting that “it will also serve as a framework for communication with the Lebanese authorities to examine opportunities for cooperation and prospects for future development.”
For his part, the Ambassador of Morocco announced that this group will have a consultative framework to discuss all the means to strengthen relations between Lebanon and African countries, and to create a space to reinforce the links between the Arab countries and the African continent through their ambassadors, emphasizing the importance of the Lebanese presence on the African continent.
The ambassador of Sudan said that the launch of such group was common in all countries of the world. “The formation of this group is long overdue, but better late than never,” he said, thanking Ambassador Bouziane and the colleagues who contributed to the revival of this diplomatic tradition.
The Nigerian Ambassador revealed that, at the beginning of his mission in Lebanon, he proposed the idea to his counterparts, who said they were ready to cooperate.
The Egyptian ambassador stressed the importance of boosting “coordination among African ambassadors in Lebanon, with the African continent playing a growing role on the international scene.”


Source: NNN






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