Palermo Conference: Algeria determined to contribute to reconcile Libyan parties


Libya is “shaken up by many external interventions,” Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia told, Tuesday in Palermo, the press following the Palermo Conference on Libya, where he represented the President of the Republic.


“Algeria has continued to contribute to reconcile the (Libyan) parties, but this is not easy as Libyan is shaken up by many external interventions,” Ouyahia said.

The Premier added that the Palermo Conference represents an opportunity to “call upon the other players of the international community to uphold their ambitions because, at the moment, we have all one ambition, which is saving Libya and thus, be united under the roof of the United Nations.

Algeria has always worked so that Libya returns to the path of peace.”

The Premier said that “even if the reconciliation is still not included in the Libyans’ discourse, it constitutes an inevitable perspective.”

In this regard, Ahmed Ouyahia has presented the Algerian reconciliation experience.

Algeria has managed to get out a “nightmare” thanks to the political willingness, advocated by the president of the Republic, who has been “courageous to bring the Algerians to the options of harmony and reconciliation,” he explained.

In Libya, “there is no leadership to do it” and the United Nations “is stretching out its hand and pull the Libyans forward.”

Algeria is “a model across the world.”

“In addition to the stability and security we are enjoying, our children no longer go to join the terrorist groups like ‘Daech’,” he concluded.







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