Craft Industry: Over 506,000 activities, 960,000 jobs created


Up to 506,104 craft activities and trades have been created so far, which helped to generate more than 960, 000 jobs, said an official at the ministry of Tourism and Craft Industry.

The Crafts sector development plan, which contributed  with 334 billion AD to Algeria’s GDP in 2017, is based on “strengthening entrepreneurship, creating jobs, improving production, improving promotion of competitiveness and export orientation, “Benali Amcha, Director General of Crafts, told APS.

The Sector also works, added the same manager, to “support apprenticeship training, to ensure the qualification of craftsmen and project holders and achieve sustainable economic development”.

The number of beneficiaries of the technical training, in 2017/2018, was estimated at 5,302, in addition to 7,022 young project holders having apprenticeship training and 3144 inmates trained in prisons, the same official pointed out.

Regarding the improvement of the performance of human resources, Mr. Benali mentioned 6 teacher trainers approved by the International Labor Organization (ILO), who received training in the field of business management, 140 other trainers in business creation and management, as well as nine (9) other trainers accredited by the same organization trained in improving sale capacity, export and management.

With regard to international cooperation in the field of training, the same official recalled the cooperation between the Algerian side and the International Trade Center (ITC), especially since an export training session had been held in March 2018, supervised by ITC experts, with the participation of trainers and 20 craftsmen, in addition to sending 24 artisans to Brazil to learn gem cutting techniques.






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