Algeria, EU determined to further deepen relations


Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdelkader Messahel and the High Representative of the European Union (EU) for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini expressed Monday, in Algiers, their “satisfaction” with the quality of the exchanges they had, reiterating their determination to deepen and improve the Algerian-European relations to face common challenges.  

“We belong to the same space and we have the same challenges” (Messahel).

“We are pleased with the results of this visit which will further strengthen the partnership” between Algeria and the European Union (EU), said Messahel during a joint briefing with Ms Mogherini, held at the end of the 2nd session of the Algeria-EU high-level dialogue on regional security and the fight against terrorism.

Cooperation between Algeria and the EU “will become denser,” said the minister who reaffirmed “the will” of both parties to “face together regional challenges and deepen all aspects of cooperation for the benefit of Algerian and European citizens “.

He said, in this regard, that the launch of the strategic dialogue on security will “strengthen the already dense and diversified cooperation between Algeria and the EU”.

“We belong to the same space and we have the same challenges,” he said, citing the crisis in Libya, the situation in the Sahel, and particularly in Mali, as well as the scourge of illegal migration.

Referring to inter-Maghreb relations, Messahel said he had presented to Ms Mogherini “Algeria’s approach” for the construction of this space, which must be, he said, “more coherent”, putting emphasis on “security that will benefit not only the countries of the region, but also the EU”.

“Algeria and the EU share the same goals in terms of regional stability and security” (Mogherini)

For her part, the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy stressed the importance for Algeria and the EU of “coordinating their responses to regional challenges in terms of security, mobility, energy and economic relations “.

Federica Mogherini assured, on this occasion, that Algeria and the EU “share the same objectives in terms of regional stability and security”, because, she explained, the security challenges “do not know borders”.

“Our collaboration in this area is consolidating, after the launch of the dialogue a year ago in Brussels, and thanks to the exchanges between our teams last July,” she said.

She reiterated EU’s willingness to intensify cooperation with Algeria on the issues of Libya, the Sahel and Middle East.

“My visit to Algeria, the third of its kind, reflects both the importance of Algeria for the EU and the quality of our partnership,” she said, expressing her “confidence” in the future of relations between Algeria and the EU “.






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