Finance Bill 2019: MPs laud non imposition of new-taxes, preservation of social gains


The MPs, speaking at the plenary session of the People’s National Assembly (Lower House) on the Finance Bill 2019, expressed their satisfaction with the non-imposition of new taxes and the preservation of the high-level of social gains despite the country’s difficult financial situation.


During a plenary session chaired by Speaker, Mourad Bouchareb, in the presence of several ministers, MP Abdelhamid Si Afif (FLN party) welcomed the regulations provided by the text, which aim to preserve citizens’ social gain and unfreeze some key projects. He also welcomed a budget worth DZD100 billion allocated to the financing of communal development plans (PCD).

On behalf of his party, the MP advocated “continuity” and lauded the efforts made by President of the Republic, Abdelaziz Bouteflika to preserve social gains and protect citizens’ purchase power. He also called to better control inflation.

For his part, MP Mohamed Kidji (RND party) hailed the efforts exerted by the Head of State who “has speared the people the impact of the financial crisis.” He also welcomed the non-imposition of new taxes and the allotment of a significant budget to social spending under the Finance Bill 2019.
As for non-conventional financing, implemented in late 2017, the MP called its results positive so far. “While some parties announced dramatic scenarios on the impact of this measure, we do not witness any fallout, significant increase in prices, currency devaluation or new tax in 2019.

MP Mohammed Laid Bibi referred to industry and car assembly, and questioned the Government’s capacity to monitor the overbilling of spare parts and the very low integration rate.

For his part, FLN MP Brahim Laaroussi welcomed the measures provided by the bill and questioned about the “absence of advantages for southern regions.”

The Workers’ Party (PT) MP Nadia Chouitem welcomed the non-imposition of new taxes in the Finance Bill 2019 and deplored “an omission of unemployment as the text does not provide for sufficient jobs.”

In this connection, Chouitem cited the Education sector which experiences a deficit of 45,000 jobs while the bill proposes an “insufficient” number (7,000 new jobs). Moreover, the creation of 18,000 new jobs under the same text “does not meet expectations.”

As for the “austerity” policy adopted by Algeria, the PT MP warned against “its impact on national unity due to the decline in the level of social security coverage and the freezing of several projects, in addition to the increase of poverty.”

In the same vein, she called to “save” of the pension and social security systems threatened with “disappearance.”.

Debates on the Finance Bill 2019 will continue until Monday. The Finance minister will answer MPs’ questions and the vote on the project will take place on Thursday.









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