Sustainable development in Sahel, Africa dependent on NEPAD


Participants in the international network on the NEPAD (New Partnership for Africa’s Development) initiative  are banking on this mechanism to ensure security and stability in the Sahel region and Africa in general.  

The meeting was an opportunity to present a series of papers dealing with different aspects of development in Africa, and various efforts and mechanisms of its impetus, including Nepad, which came to frame the efforts of the African Union to achieve sustainable development .

For the dean of the faculty of political science of Ouargla, Goui Bouhenaya, this initiative, where Algeria plays a pivotal role, has been transformed from a simple initiative to an Agency (AU Development Agency) having adopted a series of strategic projects that could lead to a drying up of the sources of terrorism and deal with cross-border crime and economic threats.

In addition, he underlined the role of Algeria as a “peace-exporting” country through its involvement in the settlement of conflicts in the Sahel region, in addition to its principles of dialogue and non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries.

Brahim Madé Kounté (Malian researcher and journalist), for his part, believed that the Nepad mechanism contributes largely to the stability of the region of the Sahel, a future area for the world.

Nepad’s new strategy must be based on strengthening economic exchanges between the countries of the region, creating opportunities for interaction between their populations at the borders, in addition to adopting efficient evaluation mechanisms to monitor the status of implementation of Nepad projects, he added.






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