Al Serraj hopes Palermo conference will culminate in “common vision” on Libya


The head of the internationally recognized Libyan National Accord (GNA) government, Fayez al-Sarraj, said on Thursday that the next conference on Libya scheduled for Monday and Tuesday in Palermo (Italy) will result in “a common vision vis-à-vis the Libyan dossier “.

“We need to unify the international (community) position vis-à-vis Libya,” the Libyan leader told AFP, recalling that other international meetings had been organized in recent years to find a political resolution of the crisis in his country.

The Libyan National Unity Government and the United Nations are working together for a political solution based on national dialogue and reconciliation between all Libyan parties.

Libya has been in chaos since the fall of the former regime of Maammar El Gueddafi in 2011, with two parallel governments, the internationally recognized GNA and another based in the east of the country and two assemblies.

The GNA has announced new security arrangements as part of Libya’s stabilization process, such as; the Grand Tripoli Security Plan. “We are beginning to implement this plan, but it needs international support and the commitment of all Libyan parties to prevent further violence,” said Sarraj.

This plan, he explained, aims to replace the militias with “regular units of the police and army”.

However, he insisted that some of these militias had “played a positive role and contributed to the security of the capital and other cities, and the fight against terrorism.”

The United Nations Support Mission in Libya announced last September that the various parties to the Libyan crisis had agreed on a plan calling for the withdrawal of all armed factions from the capital Tripoli.






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