Finance Bill 2019: DZD197 billion allotted to water resources


A budget worth DZD197.145 billion has been allotted to the water resources sector under the Finance Bill 2019 (PLF), Minister Hocine Necib announced Tuesday.

Speaking at People’s National Assembly’s Budget and Finance Committee, at a meeting chaired by Toufik Torche, in the presence of the Minister of Relations with Parliament, Mahdjoub Bedda, Necib said that the budget of 183.031 billion AD has been allotted to the equipment budget, up from the previous year, in addition to 14.145 billion AD in the operating budget and 195.7 billion AD allocated to payment appropriations.

The minister said, in this regard, that the sector will maintain, as part of Fiscal Year 2019, the same pace of implementation and will launch new projects that will improve and ensure the supply of drinking water as well as the treatment and expansion of irrigated areas.

Regarding drinking water, the minister reported on important projects to be received soon on the rehabilitation of drinking water systems (DWS) for the benefit of 20 cities and the realization of three (3) water treatment stations.



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