Algeria regained independence through armed struggle, people’s sacrifices


Angola’s Minister of Former Combatants and Veterans of the Homeland Joao Ernesto dos Santos said, Tuesday, that Algeria regained its independence through armed struggle and people’s sacrifices.  

Accompanied by the Governor of Tipasa province, Mohamed Bouchama, the Angolan minister expressed his admiration for the history of the Algerian people, their militancy and their armed struggle for the recovery of their independence.

“It is thanks to the Revolution and the armed struggle that Algeria has regained its independence,” he argued, adding that “prosperity and well-being can not be realized without sacrifice and resistance.”

In this regard, Joao Ernesto dos Santos said that the peoples “are called to work tirelessly to recover their independence”.

The Minister of the Mujahideen, Tayeb Zitouni had talks,Monday  in Algiers, with the Angolan Minister on ways to strengthen relations between the two countries in various areas.

In addition to Tipasa’s National Museum, the Angolan official also visited  the archaeological site of Tipasa where he learned about the history of Algeria.



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