Tamanrasset hosts international workshop on boosting Nepad initiative in Sahel region


An international workshop for boosting the Nepad initiative in the Sahel (the New Partnership of Africa’s Development) will be held on 8-9 November at Tamanrasset University, at the initiative of the Local Association for the Development of the Civil Society, said the organizers.

Entitled “Towards the impetus of the Nepad initiative for the stability of the Sahel countries”, the meeting will see the participation of specialists from Sahel countries, like Chad, Mali and Mauritania, as well as representatives of the diplomatic corps of African countries accredited in Algeria, academics specializing in international relations issues, representatives of ministerial departments in connection with projects of the Nepad initiative (Transport, Public Works, Banks, etc.), and civil society.
Several papers will be presented during the workshop, dealing with security and stability of the Sahel countries, good political and economic governance, and the valorization of its components able to make the region a space for trade and cultural interaction.

The wilaya of Tamanrasset has a crucial role to play in the framework of this initiative, because of its geostrategic position as one of the main border regions.


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