Sonatrach, Italian company ink contract on building of 4th train of LPG


Group Sonatrach and Italian company Maire Tecnimont specializing in engineering signed Monday an engineering procurement construction contract on the building of a fourth train of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG).

Initialed by Sonatrach Engineering and Project Management (EPM) central director, Faiz Zane, from the Algerian side, and Pierroberto Folgiero, deTecnimont’s CEO, from the Italian part, this contract is estimated at 29.17 billion euros.

The turnkey project will be located at the GPL-ZCINA industrial complex situated six (6) km from Hassi Messaoud and whose nominal gas treatment capacity is estimated at eight (8) million sm3 / day. Zane said.

According to Mr. Zane, the work to be carried out will consist essentially of an inlet slug catcher, a gas-filler turbo-compressor, an additional LPG train with a nominal treatment capacity of eight (8) million m3 / d and additional utilities.

Sonatrach group CEO, Abdelmoumen Ould Kaddour, for his part, stressed the importance of this contract, especially since it was part of the Sonatrach Strategy (SH-2030). ) relying mainly on increased hydrocarbon production.

“This contract is very important for the group because the increase in production is an important element in HS -2030,” said Ould Kaddour.

The first person in charge of the Sonatrach group nevertheless insisted on the imperative to respect the deadlines and the costs as well as the quality of the project to be realized.

On the other hand, the CEO of Italian Tecnimont expressed his great satisfaction with the conclusion of this contract with Sonatrach.

“We are very pleased to make investments jointly with Sonatrach,” he said.


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