Illegal immigration: Any illegal migrant “with established Algerian nationality” to be repatriated


Algeria will repatriate any illegal migrant whose Algerian identity is established, in accordance with the standards and principles of international law, Premier Ahmed Ouyahia said Monday in Algiers.


Speaking at a joint-press conference with his Italian counterpart, Guiseppe Conte, Ouyahia stated that Algeria “will retrieve its children (living illegally in Italy) whose Algerian nationality is established, in accordance with the standards and principles of international law. Many North Africans go to Italy and pretend to be Algerians.”

More explicitly, the PM said that “more than 40,000 Algerians reside legally in Italy and 900 would be in an irregular situation.”

“Algeria sealed 25-year conventions governing the repatriation of Algerians declared persona non grata in other countries. According to these conventions, the case of illegal residence must be proven and the Algerian nationality must be established. In this case, Algeria must retrieve its children,” stressed Ouyahia.

The PM reported cases of weekly repatriation of 5 to 10 people from several countries.

Besides, Ouyahia reaffirmed the position of Algeria that “rejects the construction of retention centres of illegal migrants on its territory.”

“Illegal migration resources must be dried up,” said Ouyahia.








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