Counterterrorism: Terrorist arrested, 10 others surrender in October


A terrorist and 34 terrorism supporters have been arrested and ten terrorist surrendered to the military authorities in October, according to the People’s National Army. 

During this period, the ANP units also discovered and destroyed 42 casemates and an explosives manufacturing workshop and seized a large quantity of weapons and ammunition.

They recovered, among other things, one (1) 12.7 mm heavy machine gun, one (01) submachine gun (FM), eighteen (18) Kalashnikov rifles, eleven (11) Semenov rifles, six (6) RPG-7 rockets, one (1) rehearsal rifle, 8,768 different caliber bullets in addition to the discovery and destruction of 3.5 quintals of explosive chemicals and 2.95 kg of TNT.

As part of the fight against organized crime, during the same period, the ANP elements arrested 60 drug traffickers and seized 17 quintals of treated Hashish and 62,843 psychotropic tablets.

They also arrested 106 smugglers and thwarted an attempt to smuggle 120,427 liters of fuel and seized 78.53 tons of food and arrested 239 gold miners and seized 232 generators, 182 jackhammers, 79 metal detectors, 175 vehicles of different types and more than 200 quintals of tobacco.

Regarding the fight against illegal immigration, the ANP arrested, during the month of October, 592 illegal immigrants of different nationalities and foiled an attempt of illegal immigration of 544 people.



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