China International Import Expo: Algeria taking part to find place in Chinese market


China International Import Expo is a 6-day event, being held from 5th November to 10th November 2018 at the National Convention & Exhibition Center in Shanghai, China.


This economic rendez-vous is bringing under one roof government officials, business communities, exhibitors to further strengthen cooperation and promote  the world economy and trade.

China International Import Expo  will provide opportunities for Algerian businesses to promote their services and goods and pave the way for entering the huge Chinese market, experts said.

The expo is due to be held today, Nov, 5, 2018 in Shanghai, China, as part of China’s efforts to open wider its market by importing products and services worth more than 10 trillion U.S. dollars in the next five years.

Like other countries, Algeria is also keen to seize this opportunity to grab a share in this vast market.

Ali Ferradj, head of Algerian state-run Company for Exhibitions and Export (SAFEX), told Xinhua that entering the Chinese market will facilitate the way for Algerian products to expand into the Asian market.

In this aspect, 14-plus Algerian companies specializing in home appliances, food industry, textile and tourism are participating in the Shanghai import expo, Ferradj said.

“Algerian operators have to provide high quality goods in a bid to have a share in this huge market,” he said.

Ferradj said some Algerian agricultural products and food could be competitive in foreign markets including China, highlighting that some Algerian products are already known in China, while some others have to be promoted in order to find a place in the Chinese market.

The Algerian official welcomed the organization of such economic rendez-vous by china which may pave the way for entering the huge Chinese market.






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