Distribution of more than 85 000 housing units across country launched


Minister of the Interior, Local Assemblies and National Planning Noureddine Bedoui and Minister of Housing, Urbanism and the City Abdelwahid Temmar on Thursday in Biskra launched a large operation of the distribution of more than 85, 000 housing units from all formulas, across the country.

This operation, the third of its kind, is part of the festivities celebrating the 64th anniversary of the outbreak of the National Liberation War, said Temmar, adding that “these achievements are the result of the efforts of the President of Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika aimed at improving the living conditions of the citizens “.

Mr. Temmar added that despite the country’s financial situation, “housing construction continues to meet all needs according to the characteristics of each region”.

During this ceremony held at the sports hall, Mohamed Tahar Ben M’hidi, 13,179 housing units of all forms, including 7,087 public rental housing (LPL) and 618 promotional aids (LPA) were distributed.

Since Leylet el Kadr (night of fate), no less than 295,000 homes of various segments have been distributed through the country’s 48 wilayas, said Temmar, pointing out that since 1999, four (4) million units have been distributed.



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